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When you want to be assured of the personal attention of a principal – not the ineffective presence of a junior member of the account team – contact Robert Puhr.  Puhr can be reached at
+1 404 713 8705 or

Business communications is a series of conversations with customers, employees, investors, and other partners.

To be a great conversationalist requires key skills:

Comprehending: listening to your audience and understanding what your audience needs to know

Communicating: delivering your message in a clear, clever, and persuasive manner

* Connecting: making an emotional, as well as logical connection with your audience and eliciting the desired response

Conversations are brought to life through stories.  Much more memorable than a barrage of facts and figures, stories help make the connection.  Stories and parables -- educational and entertaining -- are fundamental to the way people learn.

Ad Hoc Communications helps you become a master at the art of Corporate Conversation.  We produce well-crafted and well-told stories, starting with the identification of key messages, themes, and story lines -- and then delivering editorial content which resonates with your key audiences. 

Founded by Robert Puhr, Ad Hoc Communications is one of the most experienced and successful business-to-business marketing and publishing counselors to multinational technology companies.

What our clients say ...
“Thank you for your cooperation in working with us on our annual reports.  It is very good to see how a real professional works efficiently and creates exellent results.”

Ilkka Hämälä
President and CEO
Oy Metsä-Botnia Ab
Espoo, Finland
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